Privacy Policy

The following describes our privacy policy and compliance to the EU cookie policy for websites. This legislation obliges all websites to give users clear information regarding the use of ‘cookies’, which is something that we fully support and adhere to at Danscot Print Ltd.

We have taken active steps to make sure that our customers are fully aware and informed about how we use website cookies. But what are they exactly? Well, it’s important to know firstly that cookies are not viruses or anything dangerous. They are simply small text files – not programmes – and they are unable to damage your digital device in any way. This applies whether you are using a PC, Mac or mobile device.

They are small files that are created by websites that you visit and they are designed to store useful browsing information. An example might be log in information or commonly typed details, to save the user needing to remember and input them each time.

On our website we use two cookie types. The first is first-party cookies, installed and planned by Danscot Print Ltd. The second are third party types and these are provided through services delivered via other suppliers, on our behalf.

To find out more information

There is a lot of very useful guidance and information at, which is designed for website users who want to know more.

We are both keen to ensure that users known about the cookies we use on our website to improve the visitor experience, but we also aim to use as few of them as possible, and solely for the purpose of making the customer’s experience better.

Changing cookie access

You can remain in control when you are on the Danscot Print Ltd website, by blocking or restricting cookie usage through the browser’s settings in the tool bar. Check out the help button to find out more, or visit the page, which provides full instructions for each current browser. Similar details for mobile devices can be found on the manufacturer’s literature or website.

Third party cookie usage

We utilise Google Analytics to generated detailed and targeted statistics about our website and the way that our users engage with it. We use this analysis to prioritise improvements and upgrades to the site. Google stores analytics information on its US web servers. Any information gathered by these small cookie files is entirely anonymous. Google sometimes uses this information to help select which adverts you see when you browse across different websites. However, your IP address is never associated with other Google data, to maintain your anonymity. Find out more at

Video content

Also to help provide a rich user experience, we sometimes use embedded video content, provided through YouTube or other media sites. This means that when you visit a page with third party content, you may find cookies delivered via these websites. We do not control these at Danscot Print Ltd. On our website, you can choose to share pages with your contacts through third party websites and social media platforms such as Facebook. Again, you will receive cookies to your computer from these websites. The third party website itself will give you details about these.

When you register with our website, we will use the details you give us for communication, but only on the proviso that you have provided an ‘opt in’ to get our communications. A typical example would be our regular newsletter. Similarly you can choose to receive communications and updates from our partners.

When you use the Danscot Print Ltd website, you give us content to gathering and making use of your data in the ways that we have described above. We will always be clear and transparent about how we go about this, and we will give you the opportunity to choose whether, and how, your personal details can be disclosed.

If your personal details change, or you wish to change your consent options, simply email us and we will update your records immediately. We do reserve the legal right to share necessary information provided, as required for any legal process.